Talk-in with Charlie Methven and Kevin Ball

Charlie Methven and Kevin Ball were due to have a talk-in with one of the other Sunderland Supporters Branches but the branch pulled out at late notice. With only 24 hours notice, our branch agreed to host the event instead. It was an opportunity that couldn't be missed but we will be having our own official branch talk-in some time next year.

Here's some highlights from the Q&A:

Q: How close did Phillips get to the job? A: Nowhere near really. He needs to be in charge of coaching somewhere 1st. Q: is Phil Parkinson the next Billy Wilder? A: Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t have appointed him. Q: Do you accept the difference between an honest crowd reaction after an abysmal performance like Bolton and the vile personal insults/threats SD gets. A: Yes of course. What I notice about away games though is that home fans get at our players all the time. We don’t do that at the SOL. Q: What is the status of the American investment? A: They have invested in Madrox and as such they have no ownership of SAFC currently. It also means there is no liability at all on SAFC. Q: Why do you keep letting talent leave the academy? A: We don’t. We have the most successful academy in the country but because we are a Cat1 academy in League 1 we are hugely vulnerable. The Prem clubs get to the parents of young players who make a decision to send their son to a Prem club academy and there is NOTHING we can do to stop it. Bali was an exception to this who’s parents turned down offers from all of the top clubs because they felt they owed loyalty to Sunderland. Q: why are the ball boys shit? A: (From Bally) F*** off, stop him drinking. (From CM) we ask them to get the ball back AQAP. Q: Will there be more investment from the Americans? A: I will not speak for them but we are looking for more investment all the time from multiple sources. Me and SD are not wealthy enough to fund this club beyond L1. Q: Why would the Americans want to buy SAFC? A: We are probably the best deal in British football right now. There are 12 big clubs (fan base of 40k+ with a history of multiple major honours) and only 4 are for sale. SAFC, NUFC, LUFC, CFC. The rest are owned by very wealthy families and like US sports teams will be for the long term. Of these, SAFC is by far the best financial deal.


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